prada's first xmas tree...

last year we didn't get a tree for two reasons... one, we were going to be out of town... and two, we figured prada would destroy it...

this year we decided to get a tree... we continued our tradition of going to the mountains and chopping a tree down... (from a tree farm of course)... we brought the tree home and the kitties had a good sniff fest for about an hour... kolohe liked sitting under the tree... prada was curious at first, but then didn't seem to care... she tasted it here and there but this tree is kind of pokey so it deters her somewhat...

tonight we decorated the tree... she already pulled down the tree skirt because she likes to lie on it... i think she thinks it's a new comfy bed... she was also trying to knock ornaments off while we were decorating... we tried not to hang any too low where the kitties would find them interesting...

prada also likes to drink tree water... and likes to dip her paws into the tree water... i hope she gets bored of that soon...

so far so good... no leaning tree of pisa either...

prada likes to sleep under the tree...


  1. What a great tree! How sweet does Prada look sleeping under it. Is she waiting for Santa Paws?

  2. Oh now that is cute, Prada is going to have fun when the gifts show up!

  3. Oh what a cute picture! We have problems with our tree skirt getting messed up but mainly when the kitties slide it around. I wish they would only sleep on it! You are very lucky Prada is being very good!

  4. Sleeping under the tree means that Prada will see santa first.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Can you blame her? What a great napping place. Soft, cozy under the warmth of the Christmas lights. And there's no better place to intercept Santa!

    What a beautiful kitty!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  6. Prada, we understand why you like sleeping on the tree skirt and under the tree - both are new things!

    Wishing you a purry, Meowy Christmouse!

    Charlemagne and Tamar