sorry for the lack of posts... prada is still up to being naughty... today she was driving me insane... she spent the afternoon running around all crazy... jumping and sliding across furniture... and ruining the blinds... did i tell you that she already broke three of them? we can kiss our deposit goodbye...

anyways, good ol' daddy and i have been arguing about who's been making trouble... i say it's prada... he says it's kolohe and that i shouldn't blame prada all the time...

so along with the wonderful ornaments of the animals, came a small bag of doggie treats... i just left it in the box and left the box on the living room table... the next morning someone pulled the bag out of the box and attempted to eat it... but the bag was still sealed... of course i thought it was prada... she's the nosy one... so i threw it back in the box... the next day i find kolohe crouched on the floor next to the table... i thought he barfed up his food because he is notorious for that... i look closer and he's eating doggie treats!

so of course good ol' daddy gets on my case for blaming his beloved prada... hmmpphh... i still find her just as naughty as the day we got her...

ornaments appear on the floor every now and then even though we tried to hang them out of kitty reach... but today i caught kolohe attacking one of my very nice ornaments... he was standing on his hind legs and all, trying to knock it off... i suppose at least he tries to knock them off and not bite them like prada... i didn't tell good ol' daddy about this ordeal for he would point out that prada isn't always the one to blame... but he'll read this and eventually tell me so...

he thinks that i treat prada like cinderella... ha!

i will try to post more, but i've been somewhat busy working on getting this particular job... if i do get the job, i will reveal what it is... i hope i get it... it's the coolest job in the world... to me at least!


  1. Now that doesn't sound naughty, just sounds normal to me!!! Have a wonderful Christmas y'all!!!

  2. Good luck with the job prospect! ... I know how it is... have been looking for nearly two years now. ugh! Keep those kitties in line!

    May your hearts be filled with the love and laughter of friends and family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are so happy to have met you this year. Thank you for being our blogging friends.

    2009 was super fine,
    But 2010 will be sweet as chick-hen!

    Glogirly & Katie

  3. Sounds like Prada is just a little more skilled at being naughty. (i.e. doesn't get caught)
    : )

    (Glogirly's cat)

  4. We are super far behind so we hope that the job thing turned out good! We think you should totally come join us at the Naughty Kitty Club - sounds perfect! And in our house the doggy treats are just as likely to get broken into by the kitties as any kitty treats are, so I am not surprised by any of this!

  5. Hey, we love the wavy scratch thingy. Dolly uses it for a bed lots too...it actually came from Target. The bigger one that looks like a flamingo came fro catclaws.com and it's fun too!