happy belated new year's....

my most sincere apologies for not having any posts in a while... it has been a hectic last month of 2009 and i've been unusually busy so far this year.... i guess when you work, you tend to forget about other things!

i will try my best to keep blogging... i guess you can say that is one of my resolutions...

the picture is of me trying to enjoy my last days of not having anything to do... the kitties decided to pile on me and take a nap... it is an awkward shot because i took the picture with my laptop camera...

on the last day of 2009, prada decided to get up on the kitchen table and steal some food... 2010, she's still up to her antics... and since i'm not as home as much now, good ol' daddy is spoiling her rotten...

i wish i could talk about work and blog about it... but for the law powers to be, i am not allowed to do so...

i think it's ok to do this though... consider it education=o)

the world's only talking gorilla


  1. We totally understand - work can get in the way of a lot of things! We will be here whenever you have the chance to post!

  2. Yep, we heard work happens...but we miss you when you're not around!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Don't worry about not blogging, sometimes life gets in the way!