prada strikes again..

so... i haven't had any really good prada stories lately because 1) i've been trying to post all the pictures i have of the kitties from like 2 years ago... and 2) she's actually been civil for some time... except for today... i have an orchid flower that sits on my dresser... i've had it for at least a couple of weeks... and the kitties have been good about not jumping on the dresser since the orchid kind of blocks them... today was a different story... prada tries to jump up onto the dresser and finds out that there is not enough room for her fat butt to fit... so down comes the orchid... the stem of the flower is actually bent... i was so angry but then i thought... what could i do? it's not like prada fully understood the havoc that she just caused... so i repotted the orchid and taped the bent stem with electrical tape... which i know is probably wrong but i just want the stem to try to regrow or regain it's strength again! so i guess she's still the same little nosy thing she has always been....

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