another rude awakening...

good ol' daddy let you know who in the bedroom again this morning... and can you guess what happened? clawing my corner of the bed again... i got up, clapped my hands, and she just stared at me as she happily clawed away... grrrr...

we had doggie visitors today... my son's father got a new puppy... a dalmation/ beagle mix... pretty cute puppy... prada didn't want anything to do with him though... she was hiding in the garage and whenever the doggies peeked in, she would extend her paw out to swat at them... i closed the door, but not all the way... i guess she could still sense them by the door, so she would throw her weight to pop the door open just so she could hiss and swat... so evil...

kolohe and prada were having major fights tonight with one another... so bad that i finally had to separate them... so right now he is in our bedroom as princess brat is living it up in daddy's lap, wrapped in a blanket...


  1. WE have never met any dawgs. They seem a little wild!!

  2. We don't have any woofies either, but there used to be some here...they were afraid of the kitties!

  3. Oh what a naughty girl, but you still love her!!!

  4. Sounds like someone is being a little naughty.. He he thats what we cats do.. Hugs GJ x