more on declawing...


i guess from her previous article, she has received a lot of hate mail... here she defends herself... i don't know if i agree with her sources... from my previous experience with working with kitties who have been declawed, they were more mean and difficult to work with...


  1. hi! it is awesome you know the movie The Monster Squad. we can't believe how many beans dont. we just love it. "wolfmans got nards"

    we don't like declawing either. my beans think i'm more important than their sofas and used many "training" techniques to teach me not to scratch certain things. it is a shame so many beans would not get/keep cats if they couldn't declaw.

    it is because of that we are on the fence about banning the practice. we think that beans need more widespread education about how to keep cats from scratching furniture (like using Soft Paws, double sided stinky tape etc) before a nationwide ban goes into effect. that way the number of cats adopted won't do down so much.

    we cat bloggers need to step up the effort!

  2. My sisters and I still say hiss-blow no matter what the references.