save the tiny burrowing owls...


who needs athletic fields? is biking and hiking there not enough exercise? one of the things that i enjoy about this area is seeing the wildlife...


  1. They were there first!!!

  2. I'm with you! When some of the big box stores and strip malls were going up in our area, some people contacted the Audobon Society and local parks depts and saved the wetland areas. They were made "protected areas" It is so neat to see this wetland area with herons and songbirds right in the middle of a Meijer, Chipotle, Tire Discounters etc.
    Maybe you can contact them to get advice?
    Thru my job at a small wild bird store, I've contacted the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    use this email address: cornellbirds@cornell.edu
    They have always gotten back to me quickly

    Happy belated Gotcha Day little Prada! We believe that furry family members come into our lives at the right time, even when we don't realize it is the right time. We are sorry for the loss of your beloved Yoshi