banning cat declawing...


some of the cities in the state of california would like to ban cat declawing for it is cruel... i agree that it is cruel, but i'm not so sure it should be banned... prada drives me crazy with her toes in everything and i'm really sad about all the holes and scratches my leather couch has... but i wouldn't subject her to having her claws cut off.... however, the person that wrote this article kind of has a good point as well too...


  1. 2 of my sisters don't have their claws, but we didn't do it, they came to us that way. I feel bad for them because I can tell they miss them. The rest of us have been taught only to scratch where it is appropriate, it can be done.

  2. I can see a point in there but would never do it.. My sofa is so scratched, but small price to pay for having the love of my gorgeous ginger. Gj's mum carol

  3. No, she doesn't have a good point, she assumes the right to decide to amputate her cats toe ends and how can that be anything but wrong? As you rightly said, as did the above two replies, declawing is cruel, the pain and shock to a cat on waking from anaesthesia for surgery for multiple amputations is tremendous and the results can blight the entire life. 38 other countries consider this procedure so inhumane that they have banned it, so how can it possibly ever be justified when millions of people live happily alongside clawed cats? Unless it in banned by legislation there is always going to be someone who values their furniture over their cats healthy paws, and there is always going to be a vet just waiting to relieve them of their money in return for slicing or burning those toe ends off. The only way to stamp out declawing once and for all is for a countrywide ban. If there wasn't an option to declaw perhaps people would think twice about whether they really want a cat, or maybe they should stick to a pretty ornament of one instead.
    This is a petition to ban declawing in the USA

  4. I would hate to have my nails removed. Thank you for bringing light to this subject. Jana, Im excited to read your post about your akita that passed away. It is good for the heart. Thanks for stopping by!
    Kasha and Africa