feeling special and touched...

as i was reading through my daily blogs today, i discovered that i received an award! honestly, i didn't think that my blog was really out there being read and maybe even bringing some entertainment... so thank you keiko and luna for reading and thinking about us!

it means "your blog doesn't stink" and recipients of the award must link the blogger who passed it on to them and also pick five more blogs to pass on the joy to...

here are the five that kolohe and prada chose at random because we read so many wonderful blogs out there:

thanks again!


  1. Thanks for the award, Jana!! We blogged about it today! :)

    Big hugs,
    Abby and Scooter

  2. you're furry welcome =^_^= we usually read on the weekend when our hooman lets us use the compooter upstairs. It's been sooo hot lately we don't wanna sit in the sauna to do typings lol

  3. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it along to me. I am way behind in my blogging and apologize profusely for taking so long to come and pick it up.