sad facts...

this was taken from a blog that i read frequently thoughts fur paws... some sad facts about loving, caring animals...

“In the U.S. alone, nine billion animals are raised in the most egregious factory farm conditions and brutally slaughtered for food every year. On top of that, we hunt 200 million animals annually, kill 20 million in research and testing, another 18 million for dissection, 4 - 5 million so we can kid ourselves that we look sexy in their fur and 5 million dogs and cats die each year in shelters because we treat them as disposable.”

why can't we figure out better ways to lower these numbers? like moderation with slaughterhouses... i'm sure we don't go through that much meat... and for research and dissection, use the animals from the animal shelter (gosh i feel bad for saying that but i think 5 million animals going to that is better than 38 million right?)

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