peepee prada...

prada has picked up another bad habit... i do not know the underlying cause... behavior or something or other... anyways... my husband was passing by the bathroom and saw prada in the sink... peeing in the sink...

we don't know if she has been doing this often and never caught it or if it's a recent thing... we were wondering because when she does play in the sink, she scratches like she's in a litter box... but if she were constantly peeing in the sink, wouldn't the sink smell?

either way, what the hell... i have never, ever dealt with such a weird ass cat... and to think that i had a dream that she died and i actually shed tears over her...


  1. It could be one of two things:

    The cat box is dirty.

    She has a bladder infection.

  2. thanks! yeah, we didn't realize the cat box was full already because we just cleaned it... i guess i can say at least she went in the sink and not on the carpet or blankets-something hard to clean!